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Jazz UP Your Hairstyle By Latest Trends

With summer just around the corner, the man of today can’t help wondering how to make it work without really going out of style- Fortunately, this season is witness to a range of ways to style and cut hair depending on the texture and how much you are willing to invest in maintaining it (not just monetarily, effort-wise also). So for all those of you who believe that chopping your dreadlocks are the smartest way to beat the heat, think again- 2019’s top hair trends for men will surprise you whether you’re deciding on a new look, or are simply brave enough to choose something off the beaten path.

From classic military cuts to more casual messy styles, here are 7 hair trends for men this season that work great whether you are looking for fashion options or are bracing up for a mundane week of work.

1.Textured Crop

Best Mens Haircut

A classic style with hair cut short at the back and sides, and length on the top- this style is more of a cropped messy style, and does more than just look good. This style is flattering on many as it is easy to style, and works best on thick hair making use of its natural texture giving it many layers.

2.Undercut Quiff

Gents Hair Style 2019

A popular favourite amongst most age groups, this style has been increasingly in vogue and is making more heads turn than one might think. It works with an extremely stylish flourish, and must be handled with extreme caution when it comes to technique and cut. The cut works best if it is tapered through the neck and sides while leaving hair on the top fringing to create texture and volume at the front.

3.Short Slick Back

Latest Hairstyles For Men

A style worked to a graded finish, this is usually done by clean shaving the sides, hair cut short at the back and left long enough the front to slick back. This is a style with an extremely polished finish.

4.Messy Man Bob

Mens Long Hairstyle

For those of you looking for something that will help you look classy without appearing to try too hard, this one’s right up your alley. This style works well on hair with any length and texture, and is best when done in layers that compliment your face or hair. Ironically, the Messy Man Bob is known to be a style a man chooses when he isn’t in the mood for grooming.

5.The Short Haircut

Short Hairstyle For Men

A style perfect for boys on the move, this is one of the most versatile type of cut owing to its minimal fuss in maintenance. This trend works well whether you’re in for a normal work day, the gym or just cooling off.

6.Undercut with Long Hair on the Top

Mens Medium Hairstyle

Who says comfortable hair styles are only about keeping your hair short? Teaming long hair with a long beard is a very smart way to look cool and proves to be surprisingly comfortable too. This style works best with a high fade that not only helps you keep your top cool in summer, while also making you look extremely appealing doing so.

7.Skin Fade

Men's Haircut Trends 2019

Can’t be bothered with styling? Not to worry. The Skin fade, otherwise known as a tampered high and tight style, is characterised with hair cut ultra-short around the sides and back. This style works well in many combinations, be it as a canvas for a simple or complex design or sponge curls. Either way, it is very easy to wear and gives out a rather bold, playful look.



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