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2019 Fall Trends- Top hairstyles for women that are a rage of the season


Top Hairstyles for women which enhance look

With the turning over of the holiday season, fall is all about turning over to a new leaf- Characteristic hair trends during this time of the year feature carefree, playfully loose looks that are unspoilt by the humidity and rain. Whether you are looking out for fresh haircut ideas or are just curious of the trends this fall, there’s something for everyone; prepare to gear up to sport the look that’s bound to make heads turn. We bring to you 7 top hairstyles for women of 2019, and new ways to spruce up the timeless classics too.

1.Finger Waves

Best Women HairstyleComing back in fashion, this hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular after being a much-loved trend during the 20’s and 90’s. Formerly worn in a tighter and stiffer gelled finger waves, the 2019 version is noticeably softer and simpler. One simple way to create this style is to curl the layers framing your face with your finger or a wand before pinning it against the head.

2.Face Framing Layers

Best women Hairstyle

More of an untucked hair trend, this style is now in vogue; it is characterized by less wispy, thick chunks of hair that frame the face. This hairstyle is known to accent any frame, giving it a softer, cushioned look. It can be easily achieved by separating the shortest layers of the hair before tying a bun or ponytail, and by wrapping the shorter locks around an iron for a few moments to create a soft wave.

3.Angular Bobs

Latest Women Hairstyle

With bobs being a timeless classic, there is a wide range of styles to choose from- blunt bobs that look really cool and sexy, to softened bobs that give a freer look that works out for almost any hair texture and length. This fall, we are looking out for the angular bob style that is an asymmetrical cut with voluminous curls bunched on one side, and an undercut on the other. These are a wash-and-go style, while the curly fringes soften the look and add dimension.

4.Chandelier Layers

Women Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a much-loved favorite by all kinds, as it fits every bill from a festive look to the girl-next-door style. Very similar to beach waves, this style works well with both long and medium length hair without giving it a weighed down or flattened look. It is characterized by long layers at the back and layers that frame the face in the front.

5.Full and Curly

Latest Trendy Hairstyle

For those of you who understand the pressures of maintaining tight curls and yet love them against your will, this hair trend helps you embrace your natural curls and make the most of their natural texture. It helps add personality to your hair by developing heavy bangs, or a lot of layers that encourage movement and volume.

6.Curtain Bangs

Trendy Women Hairstyle

A variation of the chandelier style, Curtain bangs carry a neater, sleeker look to them. They are so popular because of how versatile and low-maintenance they are. In this style, you may grow they long enough to pin them back or cut them for a shorter look.

7.The Pixie

Hairstyle Women

A dramatic hair trend hard to ignore and harder to miss, pixie cuts always make a bold and unflinching statement; this style has been adopted in so many new versions and could be more work than it looks, depending on the hair texture. Nevertheless, this a style that almost never misses the mark!



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